By my late goddess, I could travel the isles on my own, but naked people were like birds on the brink of extinction. Only pick up a copy of Summer Lovers, filmed in Santorini in the 80’s; everyone on the sand is nude. Even my best friend’s father told me that when he was my age, he was like “a Martian in a bathing suit” in Mykonos. Not now. But like a driven ornithologist, I went in search of the nudist-bird, to the most distant and hidden spots on the isles. Now imagine this: you spend hours trekking uphill and downhill, cutting through thorny bushes and olive trees and goat pens, in buck-twenty weather, until finally, finally finding that beach some bartender told you about the night before, and guess what? There is a group of fucking folks there! And not just any individuals . . . families, with kids! Are they naked? No! Not even topless. I mean, what the hell, folks, didn’t you see the lovely sandy sand four feet from your front door?

I finally became so frustrated looking for nudists, said “screw it” and just went nude wherever and whenever textiles weren’t about. And that is how I discovered something remarkable; bunches of people need to go bare, but are scared to do this. Like the unicorn lady that inspired me, I inspired others. It was like I’d plant the naturist colony flag for like minded folks to gather round me and dump their bathing suits. Even if nobody showed up, I was undeterred. I went from the only child showering in his underwear to the one naked guy on the strand.
There was only one problem. was alone. My buddies and family endured my nudism, but could not comprehend it, and the delay for summer was agonizing. Again, I became painfully conscious of the paradox of naturism. In private, I was free, but with the people closest to me, with my mother and daddy and coworkers and classmates, I wasn’t free.
The last stop on my naturist journey comes next week!
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By age six, I understood I was born to write, and by 12, discovered that clothes was unnecessary. My work is inspired by the ‘heroic bare’ common to my Greek ancestors, and my personal experiences with naturism. Please visit my blog ‘The Writer’s Disorder’ to learn more: Not What The Young Naturists Can Do For You Personally!
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Jordan’s Views On FKK and Naturism:
I co-founded Nudist Portal about four and a half years ago. While my partner in crime, Felicity Jones, is a bona fide third-generation naturist, my parents had never identified as naturists or naturists. As a kid we’d travel around the USA and when possible, we’d stay at naturist resorts / naturist campgrounds. They never forced us kids but I figure we just took it as an opportunity to run around and have fun with other kids (back then there were tons of children in naturism).
During those early years, I recall that my parents always put a strong focus on why we did things as opposed to what what we did. For us, as a family, we were instructed that we are all identical and that we shouldn’t judge others according to appearances.
As I grew older, many of those worth stuck with me. When I reached my early adolescent years, I kept thinking and wondering why society places such great value on what someone looks like or the material they’ve. I could not wrap my head around the fact that people cared more about things than they did about substance.
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As I grew older, these issues kept irritating me.
As the net developed and enlarged, I found that so many of these problems were becoming more and more evident. Throughout my early 20’s I was pretty absent from social nudism, for many reasons. Nevertheless , as soon as I reached my early 30’s I decided it was time to revisit those childhood safe havens that I remembered so fondly.
I immediately found that like society at large, the nudist community had transformed as well. Just like in mainstream society, based on my world views, many of the changes weren’t positive. The affectionate memories of judgement-free and endorsement-based communities were not there. Within their place, new nudist clubs had evolved that were far less accepting and much more confining.

Being fully a single guy, most areas would not let me visit. The places that did permit me to visit weren’t filled with kids and young parents. As I studied more and more, I quickly found that not only had this new naturist movement become more judgmental, it became increasingly more exclusionary.