for knowledge in safe, appropriate, supervised environments, they will do it on

their own. They’ll do it in any manner they can. Since the adult community
forbids them from experiencing nudity in safe, wholesome ways, they will resort
to other means.
As they resort to other
means, their normal, natural want to meet curiosity gets mixed up with all
Forms of negative feelings. Guilt, shame, humiliation, self-loathing, fear of
punishment. Because these negative emotions keep many kids from doing too
much experimenting before puberty, experimenting occurs after puberty when the
powerful sex drive overcomes the negative emotions.
So now we have guilt,
shame, embarrassment, anxiety, and self-loathing related to sexual arousal
Also. And we expect healthy mature connections to grow from this?
Because the adolescent
feels all these negative emotions associated with ordinary and natural curiosity
and sexual urges, and because the adolescent is still striving to develop
Powerful skills at connecting with the opposite sex, that teen will feel
intimidated by the opposite sex.
So what’ll some
Teens do? Resort to less intimidating people to do their
experimenting with. Resort to younger children.
And a potential sexual
predator is born.
Do I even need to level
out how this is mental abuse?
Our society in the last
few decades has become increasingly more antagonistic toward nudity. Where once
skinnydipping was the norm among Boy Scouts and needed at YMCA pools, where
once locker rooms were actually used to change clothing in, where once doctor’s
offices were a place where doctors could easily access the human body they were
supposed to give medical attention to, we currently have a near lack of nudity
anywhere in ordinary life.
Nowhere can we discover
wholesome, nonsexual images of the nude human body. Nowhere can we love the
affirming, even curative experience of being bare in front of someone else and be
accepted for who we are. We have forfeited all pictures of the body to those
who would describe it in sexual and degrading ways. All because, from arrival, we
are brainwashed into believing nudity is dangerous.
And why do we do that to
our kids? Because our parents did it to us. Because their parents did it to
them. And so on and so forth.
When will we break this
Detrimental cycle?
No one ever attempts, because
no one ever thinks about it. You do not challenge something that’s been
brainwashed into you every minute of your life since birth.
But we have to question
it. The mental and physical well-being of our kids are at stake. In some
cases, even their very lives are at stake. Are not these important enough reasons
to challenge something you’ve simply assumed was accurate all your life?
Family Skinnydippers is
Really serious about these problems. Maybe you can now understand why societal
nudity is so important to . This is not simply a lifestyle choice. This is not
Just the enjoyment of nude recreation. This is a vital cause to us. It is a
cause we feel is worth fighting and sacrificing for.
Do we demand continuous
Of course not. There are
many times when nudity would be uncomfortable, even completely unhealthy.
Do we demand that everyone
be bare, whether they like it or not?
Perish the thought. That
would be as immoral as using the law to compel everyone to wear clothing all the
All we ask is that those
who want to be nude under practical conditions be allowed to do that. Not for
shock value, not for sexual titillation, not for confrontational goals, not
for exhibitionist impulses. Simply because nudity is a natural, comfortable,
Nice, wholesome, healthy thing to be every so often. Those who love it

ought in order to do thus. Those who do not enjoy it do not have to do it at all.
But suppose that a person is
offended at nudity?
Our blunt response to that
Individual: grow up. Why should individuals be forced by threat of law to do something
they strongly disagree with, if the only harm to you is that you select
(emphasis on the word choose) to be offended?
The astonishing truth that our
society has difficulty grasping because the brainwashing is so pervasive, is
that human beings get used to nudity very fast. How can a lifetime of
brainwashing be overcome actually within hours, if not minutes? That’s a
testament to how unnatural and useless the brainwashing was in the first
If you are afraid you will be
shocked at the nudity of others, that may wear off quickly. If you are frightened
You will be sexually aroused at of nudity, maybe you will be for a
while. But even that loses its power in a short time. The overwhelming
realization of the vast majority of people who are finally exposed to ordinary,
nonsexual nudity after a lifetime of brainwashing is that it was never a large
deal in the first place.
The only embarrassment we
need to feel about nudity is how frightened over nothing we were all our lives.
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