In naturism today, why are most of the people mature naturists?

Old Naturists – Why are most people who participate in naturist and naturist actions over 35 years old? Is it actually just the natural progression of things? Can we get more younger naturists involved? Or will naturism forever be controlled by old nudists and naturists?
Younger Nudists – Despite whether you attend an organized naturist event or simply visit a naked beach, you’re nearly guaranteed to find the vast bulk of today’s nudists are over the age of 35. Sure, you will discover some younger nudists out there as well, but the fact of the matter is the central demographic of naturists is an aging population.
While there’s no definite explanation for why most naturists are over the age of 35, there are several powerful cultural influences that seem to be at work.
One of the reasons that there are comparatively few naturists who are in there 20’s or early 30’s is many of the individuals who remain active in the naturist community now were influenced by various political and cultural movements that occurred during the 20th century.
As new generations emerge into society that were not directly influenced by these movements develop into of today, there’s a far smaller portion of the citizenry which have been exposed to the kinds of ideas that would encourage someone to contemplate naturism.
Why Are There More Older Naturists Than Younger Ones?
As tempting as this argument may be, it is also crucial to recognize that there has often been that participated in naturist organizations than younger members. Granted, the contrast is more striking in recent years than it once was, but younger folks have never commanded any of the major naturist organizations.
Yet, they can often be seen at their local public nudist beach. It seems that the cultural divide might just be increasing the impact of powers that have constantly kept most people from considering naturism until they are well into their forties.
At the heart of the divide is nudism and naturism’s huge image problem. Folks do not think of nudism as a “trendy” thing to be involved in. Its picture has not been accommodated to the 21st century, and it still looks like it is made for older folks. Nudism is also lacking online presence, and naturist websites are mostly archaic, clunky and outdated. Some naturist clubs and resorts are having trouble getting any new members, let alone young folks.
Many young men and girls will skinny dip at least one time inside their life or see a bare beach. But whether they’re going to label themselves naturists and become an active force in the community, only time will tell.
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