a Nude Julian has an problem. Image: VH1: Naked Yoga Erections

On their date, Julian and Camille took part in some naked yoga. As Julian attempts to fix Camille’s yoga pose, he immediately gets yet another naked erection. This time he is certainly embarrassed as he attempts to forcefully shove down his erect member.
Camille still attempts to make the best of the scenario. They continue doing their bare yoga, but Julian’s erect member makes it hard for her to relax and love the interaction. Julian attempts to brush off his yoga erection by saying that “naked girls do turn me on.” This strategy to the situation can be peculiar. I think that had he brought up the problem in a genuine way so that they could discuss it, their nude date would have gone much smoother.

Things happen in life, but I ‘m of the opinion that talking about issues makes for a much better link, regardless of how awkward or sensitive the problem may be.
That night, all six people met up at the bungalow. Again, Chuck comes down nude and again, he’s the only one. He seemed to have adopted being nude and figured that while he was in a clothing-optional scenario, why not take complete advantages of it? Quite a refreshing and balanced strategy in my thoughts.
As he strives to keep his top “prospects” joyful (Kristen and Michelle), he fast discoverers that he is torn between two girls. Kristen requests Chuck to walk her back to her room and while she appeared interested in inviting him in, she decides to continue playing the game and only gives him a kiss goodnight.
Who picked who is not as important in this episode. There are http://videonudism.com/voyeurism ‘d like to discuss instead.
The first point would be the fact that getting nude becomes simpler for folks with time. The more individuals participate in non-sexual social nudity, the more relaxed they become within their own skin. This motif is http://videonudism.com/teen recurring one through the show that is pretty much art imitating life.
The second point is that of naked men with boners. As Greg rehashes in his review of episode one, the issue that Julian had where he could not command his nude erection, is something which is quite rare. At FKK we have had many nude occasions and gatherings. Many of the events bring newbie nudists and curious individuals who are interested in experiencing being nude in a nonsexual social setting.
Not once have I seen an erect dick ornaked menwho just couldn’t control their erections. While gettingnaked erectionsis one the largest anxieties and one of the most talked about issues in naturism and naturism, the the fact is that it just practically never happens (neither isseeing nude men with boners for that matter)!
Therefore I encourage all the viewers of the show to take this “episode” with a grain of salt. Whatever caused Julian to be exceedingly excited is his personal dilemma and without discussing with him or knowing his history, I can not say why this was an issue for him, specifically. For an in depth article that deals with this dilemma, see: Nudist Erections.
I had also like to make a point about Nude Yogain connection to erections. At FKK occasions we’ve had many unclothed yoga classes. Guys don’t normally get erections while participating in these naked yoga courses. While I’ve never seen a naked yoga erectionmyself, my guess is that if it does, it’s a very infrequent occurrence and never something that most guys will experience.
The fourth point is that of body recognition. Camille made a comment that may be perceived as derogatory toward Rob’s dick. Obviously, folks come all shapes and sizes and this holds true to men’s penises. Simply because it may look a little different, it shouldn’t change one’s view of that individual. America now is overrun by porn while educational content gets censored. By default, this leaves many people with the impression that what they see in porn is “normal.”
But the porn industry does not aim to portray a standard or average person’s body. Women undergo labiaplasty to make their vagina’s look prepubescent and have breast augmentations to make their breasts large and place in a rigid location – reminiscent of a young girl’s breasts which don’t sag. The same holds true to men’s penis size. While the typical guy’s erect penis someplace around 5 inches, in porn it is closer to 8 or 9 (that is quite a difference!).
For those who were not conscious, Vh1 had contacted us on several occasions. They were in search of people who would be willing to participate in Dating Naked. The reason we didn’t completely support their investigation was the anxiety that they’d make a mockery of naturists or our way of life. Up to now, I must say that Vh1 and the producers of Dating Naked have been doing a fantastic job. They have been focusing on the psychological aspects of being nude in a public setting as opposed to sensationalizing the nudity.
I, for one, am hoping they stay on point, but only time will tell!
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