First Societal Nude Encounter at a Summer Camp Bathhouse

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My first Social Nude scenario and being naked in front of a group of other folks took place at a communal bathhouse. It was at a summer youth camp, and the common bathing space made a big job easier and more practical. It was also my first exposure to exposure.
The bathhouse had a smallish tub along with a shower stalls. I wanted to take a shower and not sit around a tub full of nude people merely chatting while their bare reality was hanging in plain sight. This was very tough, as I ‘d arrived in evening, when everyone was cramming into the shower space.
I was young and they were young. I discovered, to my amazement, that everyone was thoroughly unafraid to strut around completely naked. As if their birthday suit was like .
Social Bare Situation In a public Locker Room Shower

Being a minor and unaccustomed to your room full of at least half a dozen other naked boys, I just stood there, horrified by what I saw, in my flip flops and pool short pants. I continued to shower with my shorts still on.
An old lad came up to me and told me this was not a good idea. He described the soap wouldn’t fully wash off and the end result would be an unpleasant itch or rash.
Still not comfortable, I proceeded to take my shower without removing my shorts. I did my best to shower and wash off all the soap. I improvised by opening my pants enough that the fairly strong shower sprayed against my groin. The old boyslaughed at my bashfulness.
While I was ashamed of not being man enough to dance and revel in my own nakedness, it was my first step on the long road to mental maturity.
As for hygiene, it ends up that it’s in fact best to shower completely naked. nudist camp video stayed on my bathing suit, and I developed a little itch as by body dried. I ended up having to goback at midnight and re-bathe while my hanging particles were completely unfurled. ,for me, at that age, was much less easy as removing my clothing. Though I wish it were!
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