When those liberties were threatened by those

less enlightened, he’d spare no effort to
defend the rights of others.

Those of us who were privileged to know
him as I did for over twenty years, couldn’t help
but stand in awe of a larger than life guy, who
Wouldn’t compromise when it came to doing
what he believed was right. To be around him
when he was used up by an dilemma was comparable to
being next to a twister.

The mark he made not only on naturism,
but on countless people who he challenged,
mentored and encouraged will be a lasting
legacy for a man whose life was actually a gift to so
many individuals.
Stephen Payne
Club Orient

We’ve just learned of the demise of
Lee Baxandall. We Cunninghams, talking both for ourselves and Naturist LIFE
International, offer our condolences to
TNS and all who adored Lee.
We first became acquainted with him
in the early 80s, entering into what Lee
termed in a present book inscription, a “disputatious friendship.” Despite our
many disagreements, our mutual respect
was never belittled. Now that he
Really knows the naked Truth, he is, alas,
unable to share it.
We knew Lee as possessing high personal integrity, ever fair, generous
and notably rational. click ‘s been in our

Requiescat in pacem ,
Jim & Linda (Maggie) Cunningham

48 | Nude & Natural 28.3

Though inevitably succumbing to the insidious ailment which caused his premature retirement
years ago, Lee Baxandall will long remain in my memory as the highest voice for wholesome
body acceptance in a 20th century American culture warped by religious extremism and commercial misogyny. I am greatly saddened that he did not live to see greater progress from all his
insightful writings and tactical contributions over several decades towards advancing natural
nudity and human sanity.

Lee deserves everlasting gratitude well beyond naturist circles for leading such a transformative social mission, for few have the fearless mind and sheer ability to even attempt it, substantially
less courageously persevere as long as he did. Whenever challenged or participated he never
suffered from a deficiency of self-confidence, and his personal ethics consistently permitted him to talk
from high ground. The Naturist Society supplied him the perfect stage as well as a customized
vehicle for expansion of his notions.

An inspirational, thoughtful leader, he became a good buddy to Lupin beginning in the
mid-1980’s with a string of Western Parties, two liberally held despite the debatable
aftermaths of a wildfire and an earthquake.

Ever a creative entrepreneur, he was also a fellow founder of TANR, the Trade Association
for Nude Recreation, and a co-programmer of the combined internet outreach system which
continues to inform a big mainstream audience of clothing-free getaway picks. He helped
shape coherent, precious public standards, as he did with every organization he supported.

His naturist publications, the beautifully illustrated World Guides and the ever enlightening
N Magazine, uniquely qualified for critical shelf-space in progressive-mainstream bookstores long
before the Internet emerged in the mid-90’s. Until then that narrow window supplied the only
credible public exposure to the very existence of naturist options, an otherwise overly well kept

I greatly respect the way Lee has passed on the heritage of his life’s work, which is worth
building upon by all who admired it and him. I ‘ll forever remember and miss the special friend
he was to me in good times and bad.
Glyn Stout
Lupin Lodge

Trails laid and footmarks trod with
no short pants above,
Or wrappings below. Not on our
Shores or around our hearts
Thanks to him.
Glyn Stout and Lee Baxandall enjoy a minute at Lupin Lodge.

J. Decker

Spring 2009 | 49

Endorsement and societal nudity. Posts have
appeared discussing paintings, sculpture,
opera, theater, performance art, literature,
and theater. TNS has supported a number
of artists that have shown particular talent in
Acquiring naturist motifs in an aesthetically pleasing way. TNS has sponsored
workshops in art modeling, figure drawing,
silk screening, watercolor painting, acting, dance, photography, and music. In
1997 and 1998 TNS even hosted clothing-optional Northwest Jazz Festivals close
Seattle, Washington, featuring top jazz
musicians of the region.

Baxandall Passes the Torch
Although Lee Baxandall had for a long time
Supported esteem for one’s own body and
that of others, his own started to fail him. A
long-term battle with Parkinson’s Disease
left him mentally alert and vigorous, it
began to take its toll on him physically.
In 2002, Baxandall decided to sell The
Naturists, Inc. to three women who’d

“Working as NAC’s lobbyist
in Washington, DC, needed
that I look first and foremost to
Lee Baxandall as my mentor
and critic. This was http://picsnudism.com , frustrating…and a delightful
adventure. I learned to love
and esteem Lee as a titan, a
bulldog, a relentless and joyous leader. He will stay alive