Bare Swimming at the Breathless Potter’s Falls, Ithaca

Guest Website by: Steve & Susanne, leaders of FKK Upstate NY
Discover Ithaca’s amazing Naked Swimming Hole – Potter’s Falls
Potter’s Falls! It is part of the heavily wooded Six Mile Creek stream and reservoir system which provide water for the city of Ithaca. Since Potter’s Falls looks to get so much focus, FKK Upstate NY determined to see just how nudist-friendly Potter’s Falls really is. So, this past summer we made a total of three afternoon visits.
Before getting into the interesting stuff, I want to start with a few disclaimers. With regards to nudity, with the exclusion of top freedom which is legal in Nyc, it is prohibited as described by public law.
In terms of law enforcement, within the Six Mile Creek preserve, the authorities seem most concerned with dangerous jumping that goes on a ? mile or so downstream of Potter’s Falls at a spot referred to as the Upper Falls Reservoir. This place, not to be mistaken with Potter’s Falls, is characterized by an extremely big concrete dam which impounds a small lake. That is a hot spot for high school and college kids who jump off the high rocky cliffs behind the dam.
This dangerous and prohibited activity is the subject of frequent patrolling by local authorities, as it’s resulted in some very serious injuries.
When it comes to finding Potter’s Falls, it is about one hour hike upstream of the parking area at Wild Flower Park on Giles Street, in Ithaca. At some areas on the way, the hike is strenuous with some steep hills to climb. For a much shorter hike, it is possible to park upstream of Wild Flower Park along NYS RT 79 and hike in from the highway. For more details and maps of the area you can find a lot of information online.
Now, let us get on with the fun items. To begin with, Potter’s Falls is really breathtaking when it comes to natural beauty. It cascades into a gorgeous pool of refreshingly cool water which presents an almost irresistible invitation for nude swimming. The pool is rather deep near the falls, and expands out to your wide, shallow place downstream a bit. The stream-bed both above and below the falls, is surrounded by rocky ledges.
A word of caution there are a lot of submerged boulders in the deep pool place below the falls. We cringed at some of the thoughtless diving and leaping we witnessed. On the positive side, there are plenty of quite big, level ledges and boulders all around which are perfect for bare sunbathing. Some present a daring setting, and others offer more secluded places to stretch out with greater privacy.
Bare Swimmers at Potter’s Falls
If the water level is high, these can be submerged.
Yet, under drier conditions, these natural dialog pools present an incredible opportunity for soaking in the intimate shadows of a natural cavern of rock under an emerald archway of deep forest. Rays of light penetrate through the lofty vegetation like the beams of spears, and glitter on the running waters. You can just imagine how this must have been a coveted destination for Native Americans in eons long past.
As far as fellow youthful aturists, we saw them on every visit. On the other hand, the number of textiles present was always far greater (except when !); considering the naturist standing of Potter’s Falls.
Most importantly however, was that the cloths we encountered were friendly and seemed at ease with nudity. In terms of rangers patrolling, we did not encounter any during our three visits. We have heard varying reports from fellow naturists signaling that on occasion cautions and directives to get clothed have been made. Usually, Ithaca is quite a diverse and tolerant community.
A strong suggestion I would like to make is that hiking into Potter’s Falls, along Six Mile Creek’s wonderful, naturally secluded trails, is one of the most ideal places you are able to ever imagine for naturist girls to be fully adventuresome and take complete advantage of topfree equal rights! We can barely think of a better way to show occasional textiles you may meet along the way a wholesome example of non sexual nudity. Particularly because it’s 100% legal in New York you just need to take hold of your independence!
Obviously you may feel most confident if you get a small group together to enjoy this awesome chance and demo topfreedom even more effectively!
If you are interested in being part of such an experience please contact us at [email protected] We will organize an outing for any size group large or small to join us. We’ll even arrange to have a BBQ later!
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