a try at our clothes optional swim. Essentially I just listened to their anxieties

and replied them with as much information as possible, without trying to run
the dialog. I’d let them do most of the talking. In terms of introducing the
Notion to them, I found it easiest to drop little hints or raise questions in a
joking manner. For example, at a house party where people are in a hot tub (Hey,
why do not we just get nude!) and then merely fill people in with info from there.
Or the tradition, “Have you ever tried or thought about trying skinny dipping?”
It was a bit odd bringing the idea up with female buddies. It is kind of
strange to to tell your female friends to come out and try being nude with you
without seeming kind of creepy. Talking to them about bathing nude or having a
Naked sauna and how great it feels (if they have no experience) appears to be a great
place to start. That way they are able to get comfortable with nudism on their own
terms. Telling my experience with nudism seemed to work really nicely too. I
still can’t believe that in high school I did not feel comfortable taking my
shirt off at the beach, and now I’m forming a naturist club at my university!
Randall & Friends
My most successful attempts at getting others to
go nude with me has been at a clothing-optional
sauna in Maine. The ambience there is so relaxed regarding nudity that the girls
I’ve taken have virtually all tried it quite quickly. Typically before going, I tell
them that it’s c/o and that some nights a lot of folks wear clothing and some
nights virtually no one does. Since there’s normally a pretty
good mixed bunch, very few with a suit on, my buddies have chosen to get nude,
Also. With one, this included a discussion where we said that we didn’t mind
being bare in public, but felt weird about seeing each other and consented to simply
not look at each other.
One other experience
involved the woman who is now my girlfriend. We had been e-mailing back and forth
Someone on the Campus-Nude listserve sent a description
of Harbin Springs and its URL. I mentioned this to my buddy, told her that it
sounded http://videonudism.com , did not mention that it was c/o, but directed her to the
website so she could find out on her own. She did, decided that it sounded
interesting, stopped by and said she was the only solo woman there.
sunglasses on for some number of http://rudenudist.com , but enjoyed her first public nude
experience. Now that we are dating I’m looking forward to taking her to a nude
Another issue with
family images can be nudity.
get used to seeing our young children without clothes. Few people see any real
problem with photographing our own children at bath time or sprawling naked on a
There have been a number of cases where processing
Laboratory staff have contacted police over pictures they’ve found. In the UK one
television personality discovered herself being charged by the authorities and her name
Sally Mann
Most photographers at least will be familiar with the wonderful work of Sally Mann,
large-format images made in collaboration with her youthful and frequently naked
Kids. Again her work has raised criticism from many who’ve regarded it as
exploitation of her children, although I find this difficult to take seriously.
Definitely people who are behaving improperly towards their offspring are unlikely
to publish photographic evidence.
Mann’s work is beautiful, and reveals a great deal about the feelings and love in
her family, both between her and her children and also in the relationships
between them. It really is hard to comprehend how anyone can find this offensive. It’s
Yet we do need to be aware there are folks around who take a more
negative perspective, and also laws that we should take notice of. There are also ill
Folks who may view graphics of kid nudity in distinct manners to us. It truly is an
area where some caution is needed as to what exactly is revealed and where.
Many other photographers also have worked with their own families. Among those
whose work appears to me to be most powerful are Emmett Gowin and Nick Waplington (see
box, top right.)
Don’t miss out
Yet I ‘d feel I had missed an opportunity if I ‘d not photographed the
events in my personal life when my children were young – and part of this are all the
Actions of parenthood, bathing, feeding, changing and so forth. These are a part
of my photographic archive, although there are probably some that I ‘d desire
to keep secret among family and friends for various reasons. Others I’m happy
to reveal in public.
Nudity as shown in pictures like this is seldom unacceptable, as neither the
faces nor any genital areas of the subjects are revealed.