Skinny Dipping in Old Hippie Land aka Woodstock, New York

Skinny Dipping At Naked Hippie Acreage Woodstock NY
We went to Woodstock, home of the nude hippies. Well, they’re not quite naked anymore, but more on that later.
When folks think of Woodstock, they generally think of the enormous, celebrated music festival that took place nearby in 1969. Decades before this festival, the town of Woodstock had created itself as a hub for artists, musicians and hippies, with its art colonies and summer music festivals.
Incidentally, I’ve learned the term “art colony” is how they came up with “naturist colony” in the 1900’s, but have yet to confirm thisDoes anyone understand? (Sadly “nudist colony” is a phrase that still persists today in spite of naturists’ attempts to stomp it out. Today we say naturist community, club or resort. FYI, using the phrases or terms “nudist colony” or “naturalist” is like writing “noob” across your brow.)
The central place has quite a few art galleries and lots of New Age stores. We saw a sign promoting a community drum circle. We also checked out their outdoor market where people sell clothing, crystals and gemstones, jewelry and homemade goods.
Hippie Store on Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY
It was fun exploring the town, but the day was blistering hot, so we really needed to find a spot to swim. I imagine we were pretty confident we’d get to skinny dip because we did not even bother bringing our bathing suits. This was Woodstock after all and we supposed that there would still by a couple of naked hippies around who’d choose to swim bare.
The site listed several areas where folks could swim nude. So we determined to attempt Big Deep. The site says, “Walk downstream for more remote locations (downstream here bathing suits AREN’T standard and many users would like to keep it that way!).”
Well, we decided we had find out if that was accurate. The directions were precise, and we found the water just a short distance in the parking lot. There were lots of folks at the end of the trail, all in swimsuits. So we walked along the water and easily found a quiet place to strip down.
Skinny Dipping in Huge Deep Woodstock
The water was really chilly, but I managed to get in up to my midsection. The bottom was largely mud or clay, and I didn’t find any fish. We loved the peaceful setting for a small while. It’s difficult to say whether there’s a genuine tradition of naked swimming here, as we did not strike anyone else doing it (no naked hippies – sorry to say).
It is fine when some nudies establish a naked area like Split Rock in New Paltz, but in the countryside, all you really need to locate is a swimming spot free of one near, to go skinny dipping.
Skinny Dipping at the Enormous Deep Swimming Hole In Woodstock
Skinny Dipping at the Large Deep Swimming Hole In Woodstock NY:
In regards to Woodstock, some of you might also think of Morley Schloss, majority shareholder of Sunsport Gardens nudist park and longtime leader in the naturist movement. Morley has frequently told the story of his first social nudity encounter at the Woodstock Festival. Here’s how he tells it to Stephane in his interview on the Naturist Living Show:
“My first encounter was in August of granny beach pic , and I, like thousands and thousands of others, was at Woodstock. I was a little frightened, but I tried big ass on the beach and it was such an incredible feeling, feeling the atmosphere and water and sun all over me, that I was hooked immediately.”
Three days of nudity, drugs, free love, rock n’ rollwhen bodies were not so shameful and skinny dipping was no big deal (in some places at least).
Just for fun, here’s a quiet home video clip from the Woodstock Festival, showing folks skinny dipping at 2:31.
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