Clearly, everybody has different comfort levels and I can’t really make a statement to know what is best for people, but I’ve never heard anything bad come from a man who has tried out being nude. I do not think it tends to make anybody feel worse about their bodies if they are coming from a place of already feeling awful.

It’s similar to a lot of questions I get from folks where they tell me how amazing I ‘m and how courageous and how there’s no way they could do that I do. And my reply is an honest, confused, “Why not?!”Anyone can do what I do. Anyone can get nude.
Anyone can talk about it. Go to a nude beach, post an image of their body hair online, make a blog post about how difficult their period is. People judge themselves so severely and are so fearful of what everybody else will think, but we have only got one shot at life and I think it’s so vital that you merely do what it’s you want to do because you don’t get another chance. Eventually, we’ll all die and no one is going to remember if we did that one time and one man made a snide remark. That’s not what is going to matter.
So I figure in a short response:the best way to get over things is by just doing them.
I could not agree more! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to discuss with us.
BtoB: It was my delight, thanks so much for having me! They are able to check out my web site which is or follow the tumblr site which is I also have an email address which I don’t mind them contacting me at if they have anything they desire to share with me, but I can’t guarantee I Will respond to every email, I do get a pretty considerable quantity of them. That are available at baretobush[at]gmail[dot]com
Thank you!
You can listen to this episode of the Naturist Living Show here (Bare to Bush interview starts around minute 29:00).
Or click here to see it on the Naturist Living Show web site.
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Christian Blogger Mom’s Pleas to Teen Girls about Naked Selfies
By: Erik Jacobsen
Christian Blogger Mom, Mrs. Hall, Naked Selfies and Teen Girl Selfies
In a blog post written a few days ago by Kimberly Hall who’s the Manager of Women’s Ministry at All Saints Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas adolescent girls are counseled to avoid posting provocative nude selfies on their social media accounts.
Few parents myself included will differ with Ms. Hall’s basic message about the need to handle our children’s existence on social media. My own daughters are probably about a few years away from being permitted to sign up these services, but I have already given a great deal of thought about how I intend to keep an eye on them.
Naked Selfies
The trouble with Ms. Hall’s piece, however, is that she focuses only on the conduct of girls while entirely disregarding how her sons should act. And while scolding girls for being in a state of undress, she shows several photos of her own sons at the beach wearing only swim trunks.
According to one of Ms. Hall’s responses to those who’ve remarked on the piece, she has received over 3,000 replies that she is working her way through a number which is much higher than the 15-20 answers that she typically receives.
I took the time to put together a somewhat-long but polite answer, which I have duplicated below.
I ‘ve written previously on the subject of introducing adolescents to nudism and nudism (view it here: Teenage Naturists ) and the challenges inherent in undertaking such educational efforts. I believe it’s useful that we remind ourselves from time to time about just the challenges we’re up against.
Young individuals finally become adults, and have the inclination carry with them the social norms and practices they learn in their youth.
Christian Blogger Mom’s Lads At The Strand
One last note if there are any Christian naturists among you, please take time to leave a reply in the comments section of Ms. Hall’s site post. I don’t know if she will publish all of the opinions, but I believe it would be worth alerting her to the existence of Christian nudists. As am not a Christian, I did not mention it in my opinion. You can also e-mail her at khall[at]allsaintsaustin[dot]org, which is her address at the church.
What follows is my answer to her:
Dear Mrs. Hall: