Are Christian Nudists Doing Anything Wrong So Far As The Religion Can Be Involved?

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Christian Nudists – According to this poll, nearly all Americans, 83% in fact, declare themselves to be Christians. So where might Christianity and nudism come together in the U.S.?
First, a brief description of Christianity: Christianity first came to life early in the 1st century AD, and was mainly based on Jesus of Nazareth. His performing of miracles, teachings, and following crucifixion and resurrection encouraged him as the son of God.

Christian Naturists
Christians have the belief that Jesus, also called the Messiah, was conceived by God’s Holy Spirit on the Virgin Mary.
At the heart of Christian belief in the Messiah is the idea that by believing in and accepting that through his death and resurrection, Jesus offered salvation, forgiveness, and a guarantee of eternal life. Many Christians also believe that Jesus is the incarnation of God, which even though he became human, he did not sin. It is also written he will come again onto our planet to complete fulfilling the prophecies. There’s much more written about Jesus’ adulthood than his early life and notably just before his passing.
Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection are the true foundation of these beliefs, and that they may be the most significant events in history, so much so that they are recalled annually with the party of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Christian churches tend to educate the New Testament and the story of Jesus’ resurrection with little or no version, while other faiths regard it as more of a myth.
Both of these faiths have clearly dissimilar views, not only from each other, but from the primary body of Christians in general.
Is naturism a part of Christian beliefs or are Christian nudists going against the bible?
The practice of Nudism, or Naturism is a lifestyle option. Nudism can be traced to Germany early in the twentieth century, but also has in other sources, such as for example a return to nature and social equality. Christian nudiststend to cling to a common topic which follows that in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve weren’t embarrassed of seeing each other bare, but were in fact embarrassed of having sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, and so in effect were trying to cover their shame with the fig leaves, not their bodies. There are many Christian naturist clubs in virtually every denomination, and they don’t have any trouble accommodating their clothing-free lifestyle with worshiping God.
They even market that nowhere in the Bible does God condemn nudity. Another scripture from the same variant of the Bible,Isaiah 20:3-4, states
These verses tend not to support nudity nor attach shame to it; leaning more towards shaming their enemies by stripping them of their stature, not by compelling them to go around nude.
Clothes in Biblical times was worn for warmth or prestige, never to cover their bodies for fear of someone seeing them unclothed. There are many web sites devoted to Christian naturists & to the practice of Christian Naturism, and many that have clubs that allow one to be there in person, not merely online. Several of those sites strive too hard to point out that nudity just isn’t something to be embarrassed of according to the Bible, although there are scriptures where it is certainly inferred.
Many naturist resorts will offer church services on their premises, where, needless to say, many people are naked, but as for actual churches in the USA committed to this practice there are quite few. Of course, even in the Bible it is not truly needed to assemble for worship in a building meant for that function, but only to have a gathering place. It can be supposed there are in fact churches intended to be used by naturists.
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