Play Naturally & Nude Humor With the Great Dave Attell

You guys! beach hunters is the day!
ADDITIONALLY, we now have exciting news! We previously declared that there would performing in the humor show.
Star comic DAVE ATTELL !!! Dave is a longtime stand-up comedian best known for his Comedy Central appearances and his own television series, Insomniac with Dave Attell.
Bare comedy FKK Act Naturally naked party
Get your tickets now because Act Naturally will also be giving away free stuff!
One lucky winner will get to be part of the movie and record their voice in a commentary for the Goldmaster Blu-Ray DVD to be sold worldwide. The recording will occur in a private screening after the big event, or on Sunday with director J.P. Riley. (If you don’t want to be alone in a room with J.P. Riley, you can give it to someone else.)
They’ll also be showing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the FKK Gathering at Rock Lodge screening.
After the comedy show we’re going to eat, drink and play reverse-strip board games! Losers will have to put items of clothing back on. 😉
Get your tickets now!!!
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