This controversy over the youth camps is an obvious example why nudists and naturists need strong representation from national organizations. It is possibly merely a matter of time before another Mark Foley comes forward to assault naturists, and all of us need to be prepared to push back and fight for our parental rights. When the attacks come, they will be at the children, not just on the youth camps problem, but on their involvement in general.

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Guest blogs composed entirely for Nudist Portal.Re Thinking Nudity and Sex in the Textile vs Naturist World
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Issues Pertaining To Nudity and Sex
Change is a fact of life; sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic. I would like to focus on this particular issue and its impacts on naturism in a brief chain of blogs.
Within FKK we are working to adopt sexual change in a positive way i.e. sex-positive manners of thinking, doing, and being within a newer, emergent naturism. This first site, entitled, Nudity and Sex From a Cross Cultural View is going to focus on coping with the transforming aspects of sexuality within naturism, first in terms of mere language. We are going to look at some fundamental reasons of why our claim that naturism is entirely nonsexual appears so peculiar to the textile world, and what that means for us as naturists and naturists.
I do not consider myself an expert in either sex-positive development, or naturism I ‘m relatively new to both. But an area in which I have a master’s degree and years of expertise is cross cultural communication. I ‘ve been a translator and problem solver between many diverse individuals and language groups in foreign refugee camps, including sexual problems.
I look back now with wit at the mind boggling battles that arose cross-culturally over the subtlest linguistic, or body language mistakes. Make no mistake, the issue of bridging the naturism-textile difference is a issue of cross-cultural communication every bit as sophisticated as being dropped into a foreign culture and having to learn the language and traditions to live.
In the case of naturism it’s not only traditions like, music or food it’s customs at its most formidable, because few ethnic issues are more controversial than sexuality. Sadly in our culture naked = sex. That’s practically a universal association in people’s head for many reasons, and one which the pornographers have encouraged and perfected for the purposes of sordid gain.
This linguistic association is the first of many cross cultural motives that we shall investigate in these websites about why naturism must cover sexual change if we’re to reach our textile world. So, in this site we are going to talk relating to this just linguistic association between nudity and sex.
A good example of how nudity and sex in many cases are tied together
Whether we like it or not, naturism continues to have uphill struggle as it pertains to some nonsexual message to the textile world. Consider an example; the German word for homosexual (schwul) and humid (schwIl) is nearly identical. The difference is a really subtle matter of pronunciation, signified solely by the umlaut, or above the letter u’.
I understood a very butch American soldier who cannot speak German well, but was overly egotistical to understand when to keep quiet. What he did not realize was that he, the tough macho soldier, was insisting to everyone that he was gay.
He didn’t get the pronunciation difference he was actually saying, schwul, when he meant, schwIl! The contrast was too much and the laughter was uproarious. No offense to gay people trust me, you’d have all been embarrassed for while trying like everyone to hold your mirth! Well, it can be kind of like that when we insist to the textile world, that our nudity is nonsexual.