Is The Request For More Clothes-Elective Places Rewarding or A Big Waste of Time?

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White House Petition for Clothes-Optional Regions
More clothing-optional areas – It’s puttered along for several weeks and AANR has set their stamp of approval on it. Currently it’s only over 2,500 signatures of the 100,000 desired. With young nudist to go, it doesn’t seem like it’ll meet it’s aim. I ‘ve a somewhat different stance.
Initially, only 5,000 signatures were needed for the White House to issue a response. Fast after launch, the amount jumped to 25,000 and today it’s 100,000. Despite the amount of signatures needed ever increasing, reaching the target doesn’t ensure an official statement. Meanwhile other petitions, like the one seeking to publish a White House Beer recipe, or to assemble a full scale Death Star, or the recent one with the demand to deport Justin Bieber, got intricate comedic prose without any political relevance. The White House is just cherry-picking what they deem relevant and will get them the most press. Even if this request for more clothing-optional outdoor spaces does reach its aim and the White House decides it as one of their significant problems, there’s absolutely no indicator that the reply will truly address the issue or be serious in any way.
We the People White House Petition
Another thing to mention is that there currently aren’t any federal laws against casual, non sexual nudity. Every one of the laws on record have been made strictly by the states. The consequence of the request is that every national park and forest would quarter off sections for clothes-optional use. After that, who orders where these clothes-optional places are? Or how about mom beach sex of any cave occupied by a grizzly bear? Sure, they are clothing-optional too. Now, with government sanctioned clothes-optional places throughout the area, there would need to be way to control all the naked people from wondering out of their designated places. It wouldn’t be long before a federal law was signed, making all non-sexual nudity prohibited. is actually nothing to legalize.
Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ve nothing against a world with more nudie spots. It’d be amazing if I turned out to be incorrect, and the request ended up receiving an official, positive response in the White House. FKK did post about the request on Facebook and Twitter. Getting approval of the human anatomy is what it is all about. But as it pertains to social nudity, I do not believe that creating modest clothing-optional zones is the reply, and by utilizing the government’s “We The People” site, with its trivial answers and lack-luster track record, doesn’t help with the credibility of the cause.
It should be noted the Naturist Action Committee issued an advisory reacting to the request (link below). Rather than encourage everyone to sign, NAC essentially said they leave it up to the individual to decide whether to sign it.
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NAC’s Advisory Response to the Petition

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