have been “trained” about puberty, is the trauma totally absent? No, because

the instruction is lacking in an essential area. Words cannot communicate everywhere near
as efficiently as pictures can. It’s possible for you to talk all day to a lad about how dick or
the fear that their penis or breasts are strange. But if https://s3.amazonaws.com/real-nudism/beach-voyeur.html to see members and breasts in all their astonishing variety, the point
is driven home that their body is just as ordinary and acceptable as anyone
Kids aren’t permitted
to meet their totally natural fascination when it is safe to achieve that. Adults
Prepubescent kids don’t.
When would be https://s3.amazonaws.com/real-nudism/nudism-family.html of life to learn about human bodies?
Before children have to
Begin dealing with sexual urges.
Yet, astoundingly, we
think the most horrible thing of all is to permit a child to see an adult nude.
What tragedy!
Instead, we drive kids
to wait until they enter puberty. Afterward they not only need to cope with their
curiosity driven by a natural and wholesome want to become trained, but also
driven by these brand new, almost overwhelming sexual urges.
dumped on them at once and are left alone to cope with it on their own.
Is it any wonder there’s
Is it any wonder teen sexual activity and
Is this not true kid
once children reach puberty, they will begin training themselves, one
way or another. If parents or another adult authority figure doesn’t help
them do it, they will do it by themselves.
And all of US know how they
They’ll gather
They’ll develop
addictions to pornography. They’ll experiment with nudity and sex among
themselves, ignorant of the risks entailed. And they’ll do it all with a
ghastly mental stew of sexual arousal, shame, remorse, and rebellion mixed into
Oh yes, this is much
better than allowing kids to experience nudity under attentive grownup
Oversight before their sexual hormones begin to stream.
An grownup allowing a kid
to see him or her nude is child abuse? No, no. The law that criminalizes letting
a kid see an mature nude is child abuse.
Nudity that’s intended to
be shocking or sexual or threatening or lewd through the person’s objective
and behaviour–now that’s child abuse. But lawfully defining the mere
existence of nudity as lewdness or obscenity is an bad, archaic belief that
must be stamped out.
Kids are never instructed
Everyone fears getting old. We think
old bodies are horrible. We fear them. For God’s sake, cover them up!
behold, take a look at the youth-worshiping culture we now have. Coincidence?
spent on makeup, garments, even operation, to try and pretend we are not becoming
old. Why? Because we fear it. Why? Because we never see it.
Because we always conceal
our bodies from one another, we never get to see the natural aging life cycle of
human bodies. That which is concealed from us is mysterious and awful.

If we could only see
human bodies in all the various stages of aging on a regular basis, it would
be a familiar sight to us, a comfortable sight. Aging would be url ,
Is it not emotional abuse
to instruct people to dread the natural life cycles of their own bodies?
Kids, like all individuals,
They’re their bodies. If we educate
them to be afraid and ashamed of their bodies (and we do), they are going to be humiliated
of themselves. And consequently a uncontrolled epidemic of self-loathing prospers in our
Particularly our girls. The
most beautiful women in the world still believe there’s something wrong with their
Children are killing
themselves over poor self-image. The girl that purges or starves herself to
Departure because she can not accept her body is a target of the self-loathing that
anti-bare attitudes help to nurture.
someone for “dissing” him is actually killing children over self-esteem. “You
disrespect me, you expire.”
Unrestrained lack of self esteem come from? The causes are complex, but how can the
Our luxury of hiding
Never mind mental
Mistreatment. This is physical maltreatment of the nastiest sort. All because we do not want to
see a bare human body.
That’s where the authentic
shame lies, not in our bodies!
Many children never get to
feel entirely comfortable with the opposite sex and never get an adequate
education on human bodies to fill their interest. Most children will not
Bear this situation forever. If the adult community won’t meet their need