About the Author: He co-wrote the sequel to the cult hit “Samurai Cop.” He authored “American Nudist: the Lost Journal,” and edited the Naked Places photography book series available on Blurb. His web site is www.pacificinvasionmedia.com.A Girl Private Struggles with Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Body Image

Courageous Mastectomy Inter view With Rebecca
The problem of body image and acceptance is something many people struggle with in society nowadays. It becomes far more extreme when folks are forced to alter or even remove body parts due to sickness. As time goes on, improvements in the disciplines of medicine enable us to live longer. But sometimes there’s a substantial price to pay.
As is, girls are far more predisposed to suffer with body images issues than guys. No group knows this better than those unfortunate women who have been stricken with cancer – breast cancer to be unique.
Big name companies like Avon have established breast cancer awareness efforts, and October has become well known as breast cancer awareness month. Also, new breakthroughs in genetic testing can forecast the odds of someone’s chances of being afflicted by this disease.
We at Naturist Portal have already been working tirelessly, trying to get folks to look beyond a person’s outward looks and learn to see the individual inside.
Included in our devotion and dedication to the promotion of body acceptance and putting an end to body pity, I decided to reach out and keep in touch with women who had been forced to pick between their lives or the loss of what some women feel is a symbol of the femininity – their breasts.
I needed to try and comprehend, as best I could, the core problems a woman confronts.
Rebecca – Mastectomy Post Surgery
Before we start, I want to thank the women who were willing to open up and discuss some of their deepest thoughts and emotions with the hopes that maybe they are going to be able to influence another person’s life for the better.
It’s not an easy thing to ask of a man let alone for them to do. I trust that I’m able to do justice to them, their battles and their stories.
naked beach spy which I talked to was Rebecca, a 43 year old girl in the UK and stepmother of two. Below is my discussion with this brave and awesome young woman.
Q. Could https://s3.amazonaws.com/tiny-nudist/family-nudism-photos.html share with me the kind in June this year. I had lots of DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ) which is non invasive, but still a problem and also a 3mm invasive tumor.
A. I was identified as having breast cancer of cancer you’d and the medical procedure you underwent?
I am really happy to say that the cancer cells had not invaded my lymph and I was given the all-clear. I did not need to have Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, but will be taking Tamoxifen for the next 5 years.
Q. Was the genuine encounter different than the way you imagined it to be?
A. I have been quite surprised to discover that that was not the situation. I was, actually, very calm and managed and dare I say, much braver and stronger than I ever would have considered myself capable. The encounter has actually been amazingly empowering and has changed me for the better.
Q. When you first discovered that you’d breast cancer – What ideas, feelings, emotions and fears were going through your mind?
A. Disbelief, shock, incredulity, “I’m too young!”, panic, but my immediate feeling was numbness, nearly a surreal, dream like state.

Q. Did any body image thoughts run through your head?
I know girls who say that the anxiety about dying was as strong as the feeling of being a “lesser girl.”

impacted in terms of body image. I ‘m not a health club / exercise addict – I drink, I smoke and I eat what I’d like! My self esteem isn’t actually linked to what I look like, although I do loathe bad hair days!
I had an first lumpectomy which was unsuccessful, so went on to have a total right-side mastectomy
Q. Did you get reconstructive surgery?
A. I am still unsure about reconstruction. It’s AN ENORMOUS surgery, which takes a long time, at least 12 months. I got a prosthetic breast last week, so have decided to try that for a number of months and see how I go on.