Following the somewhat weird encounter posing for the group of pupils in the cold, dimly lit pub in Manchester, my next modelling session soon after was quite more standard.

While I was quite pleased to accept the request it did somewhat concern me as to whether I had enough experience to fill that amount of time with enough different poses given that this was a more proper and educational group compared to the preceding sessions I’d done.
This would subsequently result in a short break to be followed by one seated pose continuing for the rest of the session of about 50 minutes. at least gave me a chance to consider what I should do and likewise a chance to try a couple poses at home while timing myself to find out how long I could hold them. While not necessarily an issue for the seated poses, the more dynamic standing poses can prove challenging and sometimes even painful with arms and or legs held in unusual positions for any period of time beginning to ache or cramp up.
So I turned up at the appointed time on the day and confirmed the planned programme with the tutor and did the session as concurred. The artists, chiefly ladies of a particular age, were all very pleasant and were all quite complimentary, which given that this was just my third session, gave me added confidence for the future.
Again I was very happy to agree but unexpectedly came to the realisation that in that intervening period I was really going to need to work out a lot more poses to fill those three hour sessions.
Luckily I had a number of art books and also scoured the internet to discover a great amount different poses that I could use, so I managed to fill the sessions satisfactorily.
Since then click have been working with the coach for this group on a regular basis and have modeled for nearly twenty sessions. Luckily there’s been in the artists attending over that point so I have been able to repeat a number of the poses more or less as I initially performed them or with only slight variation.)