Sailing Naked.

Maybe among the finest experiences an individual can have will be to sail nude. There are many reasons for this. The first is that should one be in a position to sail un clothed then the weather would need to be warm and bright to make the prospect encouraging, also if one can sail, then some wind will soon be getting itself understand and the boat will be leaning to it . Even in colder climes when I have had to wear clothes to ward off the elements I never tire of the miracle that is a sailing vessel merely utilizing the wind to drive through the ocean. Sorry I digress, anyhow another factor, ( unless one is a serious exhibitionist) is that there WOn’t be a lot of other boats around and for me an empty sea is a joyful sea. Whether there are other folks on board, then if ones relationship to them WOn’t be strained by sharing such an intimate encounter, it might even be enhancing.
Sailing can be a physically demanding pastime, frequently one has to move fast, its not until one has had the delight of moving without clothing does one realise how restricting garments are. When I was on my way (singlehanded) back across the Atlantic in my beaten up schooner “Gloria” the most effective sail was one that went by the name of “the fishermans” this four sided jewel went at the top between the two masts and was astonishingly powerful in light airs. was that as soon as the wind piped up it had to come down. But to be able to drop it two halliards (the ropes that pull up or lower a sail) had to be utilized at the exact same time, as there was just one of me and my invisible friend was proving worthless at deck work, the sail would get the wind behind it and flap up and split itself. ‘d grown quite tired of this caper and the following sewing up of rips that came of it. This one particular time it did it, the whole sail drifted forward and wrapped itself around the foremast top, I knew that in a very short time it would be torn beyond repair and I scaled the mast to free it. Wearing but a suntan I was amazed how easy it was. It really was a revelation. How well this process would go down in Solent sailing circles I dont know, I daresay the RYA and health and safety would have something to say on the matter!
In the event you are wearing garments they’re going to get wet, and as its sea water, the salt will subsequently quit the clothing from ever properly drying until it is rinsed with fresh water. Fresh water could be extremely prized on a sailing boat far from land, it is not to be squandered in rinsing out clothing. So if one does not wear any, it doesn’t get dirty and need washing does it? Along with all these wonderful gains one gets a nice even tan, what could be better?)