For the second time in less than a week, reports of Facebook eliminating photos it deems “profane” or “demeaning” have people slamming the social networking titan. mentioned the image violated the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which says: “You aren’t going to upload material that: is hate language, threatening, or mature; incites physical violence; or contains nudity or gratuitous or graphic physical violence.”.

According to , it will eliminate pictures “if they consist of nudity, substance abuse or another profane content. In attacks an added specific or team, it will be gotten rid of also.”.
The picture was published by the web publication Theories of the Profound Comprehension of Things as a evaluation of Facebook’s policy of erasing obscene images.
Theories released on it’s Facebook page: “”So, below’s last evening’s FB alertness test results: FB mediators can not tell an elbow from a dangerous, unclean, extraordinary and violent female breast.)